I'm Planning This As I Go

I'm Planning This As I Go is a project that is all about reconnecting with the pen and paper. Re-engaging with the tactile experience and being less dependent on the digital medium. Far too many times, I have let the digital medium do my design work for me, rather than it being a tool to assist my design decisions. In consequence, I catch myself designing the same way, never pushing my design abilities further; adopting a constant creative block. I'm Planning This As I Go, challenges my old habits and forces me to think freely and differently. I learn to embrace imperfections and be open to unexpected outcomes rather than aiming for perfection. This is a project of never-ending reflections, on-going dialogue of my process; a never ending learning cycle.


Vivian is a visual thinker, designer and experience enthusiast. Creating memorable experiences and inspiring communities through visual communication is what drives her passion for design forward. She is multidisciplinary in illustration, photography, branding and graphic design.


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