Liminal Spaces: an exploration of temporality in design

Liminal Spaces is an exhibition exploring temporality in design, for one day only. This exhibition was a balance between impermanence and tangibility; creating a space and a time for temporality to inhabit. Driven by interaction, Liminal Spaces asked the audience to get involved in crafting and shaping this continuously shifting experience. The exhibition itself changed constantly throughout its time, and could never be repeated exactly the same. Ultimately, the audience was encouraged to reconsider their preconceived notions of temporality and permanence, and question how these notions can inform design. Liminal Spaces was documented through this publication as well as online.


Sienna is a graphic designer, with a particular interest in multidisciplinary design. With interests overlapping into typography, printing methods, spatial, exhibition, and event design, she approaches problem-solving through research and design outcomes. Her projects are rooted in exploration, authenticity and the combination of unexpected ideas and mediums, whilst prioritising communication and cohesion. She has a particular interest in social and environmental ethics and is interested as to how design can be integrated into these fields.


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