Illuminate is an investigation into the relationship between reader and publication, and how this effects how information is interpreted. While learning about the physical aspects of light and colour, the viewer also gets to explore the ideas behind astrology, how colour is used in the world around us, and what it means to us. Using laser cutting technology and translucent paper mediums, Illuminate is more than just a publication, it is an experience.


As a designer, Sheridan is hands-on and enjoys getting her hands dirty. She likes to try new creative skills such as photography, illustration, painting, sculpture, calligraphy, animation, laser cutting, 3D modelling, and resin moulding. Sheridan makes an effort to include these skills into her concepts and projects to make them interesting. When she is not creating, she loves being outdoors and is involved with different sports in the community. She plays and umpires netball, and has been a sailor since high school; this involves racing, umpiring and coaching youth sailors.


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