Daffodil Day Campaign & KFitness Rebrand
(co-designed with Kate Buchan)

Daffodil Day - Our campaign is both an awareness and launch campaign. It tells consumers about the PayWave option that The Cancer Society, along with ANZ (official sponsor), offers for donating on Daffodil Day in New Zealand. We have also created a more permanent PayWave kiosk which will be available to use throughout the entire month of August, including Daffodil Day. Our goal is to increase donations on Daffodil day by making it as easy as possible for people that don’t carry cash to donate to The Cancer Society. 

KFitness – Kate Irvine is a nutritional coach and personal trainer who has branched out to create her own training business called KFitness. We worked closely with Kate to re-create a brand and image that better represented her.


Shannon is an aspiring advertising creative and copywriter, meaning a life of strong coffee and sleepless nights are in her future. Though she says it’s all worth it for the rush of a brilliant idea, as she views advertising as a creative form of problem solving. Excited for things to come, Shannon plans to take on the industry alongside her creative partner Kate Buchan.


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