The Lunchbox Heroes

The Lunchbox Heroes is a piece of children's literature. It follows the story of the snacks inside a lunchbox, while the children are in class. It focuses on the health aspect of lunchbox snacks, and uses the moral of eating good sugar over bad sugar as a better lifestyle choice. Through the use of fictitious food characters, there is also a moral of standing up for what you believe in, and getting help for that if you need it. The illustrative style throughout the book includes watercolour paintings, digital drawings, and photographic textures.


Drawing has been a passion of Scarlett's since she could first hold a pen, and to this day she continues telling stories through illustrative practices. Alongside graphic design and advertising experience she's developed through AUT, Scarlett has also gained skills in digital illustration through work experience. Scarlett uses a range of media; traditional and digital, depending on what will best suit the story.


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