Time Machine

Here’s to the black tapes, the white noise, and everything in between. Time Machine takes us back on a nostalgic journey with all the technologies that have lost their purpose in a world evolving too fast for them to keep up. Taking inspiration from the 80’s and the Vaporwave movement, this piece taps into the reminiscent quality of how the world used to be. While we progress into a world where a screen can process an image better than reality itself, we shouldn’t forget the little pixels that made them reside in our little box TVs not too long ago.


Samai Azeez is a Maldivian who aspires to create work that can get people to talk, understand, and ultimately broaden their perception of the world. Then she convinced herself that this was a pretty good excuse to fly halfway across the world for a degree. Currently the Art Director of her advertising team, she tends to integrate dynamic, animated visuals to make campaigns stand out. She finds the future fascinatingly terrifying, so she likes to keep track of what’s going on right now, and what’s going to happen next. Her free time consists of illustrating, watching animated films and playing video games from her childhood.


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