Branding Oneself

The aim of this exhibition is to convey the appreciation of the female body. Without ‘imperfections’ such as scars, bumps, lines, wrinkles, pores and hair; these body prints would produce uninteresting blurs on the page. Yet the imperfections enhance the beautiful textures.


Advertising caught Rachel's eye when her high school invited Kevin Denholm to speak about his experience working as a New Zealand based director. This was Rachel's revelation; she wanted to be an Art Director. AUT has been a fantastic environment for her skills to expand. She has further developed her analytical skills and knowledge in a practical way for a fast-paced environment. Rachel has presented adverts to well-known clients and has also had the opportunity to intern as a Social Media Ambassador and Junior Art Director. Her career goal is to work domestically and internationally for a well-respected market leading agency.


Get in touch: hi_2374@hotmail.com

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