Dom Lis

Dom Lis is food truck that sells Polish pierogi (dumplings) in a variety of delicious flavours ranging from savoury to sweet. With pierogi being an all time favourite for Polish families, I knew Kiwis had to try them for themselves. and what better way to do this than with a food truck?

Dom Lis means "the fox's home" so for this project I wanted to follow their personality and create a fun, modern Polish brand that would make pierogi shine.


Nicole Rajwer is 21 years old and currently studying Communication Design at AUT, specialising in Branding. She has been a creative for as long as she can remember, taking art and photography all through school and now pursuing Communication Design, minoring in Creative Entrepreneurship. She is a positive, cheerful person who strives to accomplish things to the best of her ability. She is also organised, pro-active and punctual, and will always work her hardest with a positive attitude.


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