The Rules Guidelines

An interactive publication that identifies ten guidelines, which have been carefully selected from research, for making data visualisations and infographics. These guidelines act as a recommendation for best practices as opposed to defining them as rules that must be followed. Within the publication is a series of redesigns where eight infographics from multiple sources are critiqued and improved on based on the guidelines created. This publication aims to be an educative resource for aspiring graphic designers.

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Monique is a 20 year old Kiwi who has been in the industry of creating since designing her first birthday card at the age of 2. In recent years, while working and studying communication design at AUT, she has gained valuable skills that have allowed her to become the confident graphic designer she is today. Working on a wide range of projects during the years has allowed her to determine where her passions lie, which includes branding, infographics and interaction design. Monique also enjoys being crafty and loves making things including furniture, art and décor.


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