The F Word - Futura

This project explores the typographic forms and effects of the typeface Futura. It is an experimental publication showcasing the different and edgy aspects of the typeface.

The letters were laser cut out of clear acrylic. Futura’s distinct shape and outlines create an interesting look when photographed. Each point on the letter produced compelling outlines with shadows and light.

Different mediums were applied to build various results that could be photographed in different lighting situations.


Monique has had a passion for Art and Design her whole life, with a large interest in typography. Enthusiasm for the creative industry has driven her to explore various design areas such as interning at differing design industries, each with their own take on the creative field. Her study into advertising has allowed her to expand her creativity in numerous ways. Monique is outgoing with a vibrant and relaxed personality; she loves interacting with people and seeing where every opportunity takes her. Monique strives for the thrill of what the design world holds.


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