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Colour has the ability to affect human behaviour and influence perceptions. It can draw on our past experiences, and impact our decision making, purchasing behaviour and relationships with our surroundings. This research project explores the field of colour psychology, investigating factors that can influence our views, and aligns them with the gender stereotypes we are consumed by in society. Traditional gender stereotypes have major implications on the way women and men are respectively treated, and have, in turn, created social norms for how you should dress, speak and even act. The standards are substantially higher for women, and these unattainable expectations can have serious negative impacts on women and also those who identify as female. This project aims to encourage freedom of sexuality/gender choice, and the support of gender equality.


Mohini is currently a third year Communication Design student at AUT. She specialises in Advertising, and minors in Creative Entrepreneurship. Her skills lie in advertising, branding, illustration and photography, and she has some experience in marketing and creating start-ups. Basically Mohini is a creative, horror movie-loving, design freak, and she aspires to communicate with people through her work in order to one day support a movement that's bigger than herself.


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