Stupid Cupid

What is stronger than the human heart, though it breaks, it continues to beat.

Stupid Cupid is a publication curated to effectively communicate the healthiest emotional & physiological way to journey through the disenfranchised grief of a romantic breakup. The purpose is to educate, support & benefit the emotional well being of the end user.

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Melissa is a a strategic & creative thinker. Her passions lie within the development of knowledge through the communication design form. Melissa enjoys the challenge of furthering her creative abilities & perceptions with a fine interest in curating designs that attain both form and function. During her time at AUT, Melissa majored in Visual Branding & Minored in Conceptualising Visual Data; this is where her understanding of Communication Design was broadened. As a developing designer, Melissa hopes to continue the creative process of visual communication as the embodiment of form and function, as she believes that the integration of beautiful design and useful function are mutually generative.


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