Observations of mundanity

My interest in trivial every day occurrences has been central to this project, demanding a deeper understanding of our relationships with objects we surround ourselves with, and imposed systems which govern the ways in which we interact and operate on a day-to-day basis. In an attempt to fix fluid relations, Observations of mundanity serves as a time capsule for the everyday.


Kerry is a multidisciplinary creative, interested in the future of information. He has begun his journey for knowledge at AUT, and continues to practice communication design, of which was his major. Through a specific focus on graphic design, his pathway, he has developed an acute sense of observation, posing questions about the nature of our practice, and ways in which we can innovate and craft new and insightful experiences. He knows Herne Bay just as well as Henderson. Strong both visually and conceptually, Kerry spends his time researching, networking and enjoying good company.


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