The distinctive white painted face, red lips, intricately detailed kimono, and elaborate ornamental hair styles of the Geisha are symbolic of a world which for most of society, has remained a mystery. Consequently, sexual misconceptions have developed over time. This project aims to change society’s perception of the geisha, through the use of illustration, character, and narrative. The final outcome reveals itself in the form of two short graphic novels, titled ‘Day’ and ‘Night,’ with the overarching series title of ‘Kenta.’ The narrative follows the daily life of a maiko geisha (apprentice geisha), called Kenta. Kenta is strong-willed, clever, and refuses to comply with the traditional views of how a geisha should act. These two short graphic novels provide clarity and insight into the mysterious world of the geisha.


Kauri Finlay is an illustrator and communication designer who has a love for character design and storytelling. Kauri’s Japanese background acts as a big influence for a lot of her work. She enjoys the simple pleasures in life, such as dressing up as famous celebrities. People say she resembles Taylor Lautner, and Kauri embraces this with great pride.


Get in touch: kauri.finlay@gmail.com

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