Joshua Bryan



Alain De
(co-designed with Siobhon Joe)

Our project was created in collaboration with Alain De, a local jewellery brand based in Auckland. The work explores how design thinking can be used to adapt a brand's business model to suit the circular economy. By doing so, our aim was to improve Alain De's customer experience, ensuring that every customer interaction touchpoint with the brand was well considered. We created a 'product as service' model, where customers pay a monthly fee to rent jewellery from the collection and exchange them for new styles at any time. When jewellery is exchanged, Alain De recycles the materials and uses them to create future collections. This extends the product lifecycle and creates a sustainable model that suits the fast-growing circular economy.


Josh is a UX / UI designer based in Auckland, New Zealand. He is incredibly passionate about human centred design, especially around the idea of cross-cultural user interfaces. In his spare time, Josh loves to travel and experience other cultures. He is always seen carrying a camera of some sort, taking photos of everything and anything.


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