Light Box Portraits

"Medium is the message?". This project is an exploration of sourced images being identified in different mediums. Screen | Instagram, is the first medium these sourced images of people are currently existing in. These sourced images are then reproduced in another medium (light box portraits) to communicate a new visual language. Light box portrait project features 'South Auckland' locals as a way of celebrating culture, social change and design as a combination, which are my values as a designer.

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John is a proud Tongan user experience designer with values in social change, celebrating culture and design as a combination. He is strongly passionate about using user experience and graphic design to create an authentic design language that complements any client or company he designs for. Highly valuing the client and getting amongst the atmosphere of the medium and users he designs for is what John strongly believes is the key to great design. John's Tongan identity is what makes him a standout from other designers bringing a whole new cultural perspective and dynamic to any team or individual he works with.


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