Vinosity is a publication which takes the viewer on a visual journey through the three stages of addiction. Each section is visually portrayed through photography and illustration to express the themes of intoxication, withdrawal, and craving. The purpose is for the audience to interpret these tools of visual communication in their own way.

It includes sketches which have been illustrated by anonymous individuals who have visually inputted their emotions expressed from the photographs taken by myself.

These photographs include specific subject matter, structured compositions and lighting techniques to depict the emotions felt during these stages of addiction. They reveal the feelings of euphoria, loneliness, depression, abandonment, anxiety, frustration and deprivation.


Jess Sloman is a student in the branding pathway. Over her studies, she has become significantly interested in photography, publication design and graphic illustration. Jess is passionate about developing her skills and learning more to increase the quality of her work. She aspires to one day work in a photography studio or travel the world as a documentary/wildlife photographer. Jess is interested in entering the print industry when she leaves university to further explore the importance of production and quality in print.


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