Helvetica and Arial−can you tell the difference?

After realising how similar the types Helvetica and Arial look, I thought it was ironic that Helvetica has been a graphic designer’s staple essential typeface for decades; while Arial has been labelled as overused and a typeface designers simply love to hate. I noticed that I was not able to determine which typeface was which, and questioned if anyone, especially non-graphic designers, could. I carried out an experiment to find if people could differentiate between the typefaces Helvetica and Arial. This also lead to a secondary question, if one text was easier to read than the other. The experiment was to determine if Arial really was unprofessional to use as a designer if the viewers (general audience) could not tell it was Arial.


“Fake it till you make it” was Jeeah's motto, whether it was pretending not to be cut in critiques, or looking like she knew what the assignment was about. It seemed to work, seeing as she survived three years at university. Now she’s ready to do it all over again, this time out in the real world. Preferably in a graphic design firm or an advertising agency as Jeeah loves that they always have new challenges to overcome, which means learning new things all the time. There will be less faking this time too.


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