Sorry for the inconvenience

Sorry for the inconvenience is an exploration of run-of-the-mill inconveniences that drive you up the wall. We are living in a society where we are often inconvenienced by small, unimportant matters. One inconvenience may be more disrupting to a particular person than another, and it can be troublesome with your own requirements or comfort. When we already have substantial amounts of what we need, we often complain about the insignificant and unexceptional. This publication delves into day-to-day frustrations that frequently develop into mundane inconveniences.


Jaynee grew up rurally in Northland and has always been inclined towards creative and artistic thinking. After moving to Auckland to study law, it became evident a more creative route was the way forward. The opportunity for a career that combines innovation, creativity and expressing ideas visually appeared too good to be true. While studying Communication Design at Auckland University of Technology, editorial design, photography and branding have unfolded to be her main areas of interest within design.


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