Nature Nurturers

‘Climate change’; it is a term that usually induces feelings of misery and concern. It strikes a little too close to home, literally. The threat is very much real and it is becoming increasingly urgent that we take measures and help to rectify the damage we continue to cause.

Making the environment a priority starts with how we live. Personal behaviour and choices in daily life, from what we eat to how we get to work or heat our homes, have a significant effect on the environment. In order to bring about the shift in collective attitudes, my design objective was to create an environmental awareness campaign that educates and enlightens young New Zealanders on how to adopt the environmentally sustainable way of life and acknowledge the positive repercussions it brings in a lighthearted, unconventional manner.


Versatile in all things illustration and design, Hattie is a creative who is particularly passionate when designing for a cause, especially in the realm of environmental conservation and awareness. Hattie employs vibrancy in her designs, enticing audiences with vast array of bright colours, humour, wordplay, influential yet playful visuals and emotive messages. In her spare time she enjoys sunny days on the beach, painting, socialising with dogs, op-shopping and watching a good thriller.


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