A Designer's Issue

A Designer’s Issue is a collection of day-to-day situations that show contrasting behaviours between a designer and a non-designer, with an emphasis on the struggles of the creative individual. This project brings together the community of designers and the general public through a series of illustration portrayed from a point of view perspective.


A girl on a mission by day, an impulsive snacker by night. She knows the beauty of order, creation and design. She is fuelled with coffee and a hope that the world may recognise that everything is utterly level. She often finds herself spending her days in pursuit of nice fonts, solving mysteries and falling into tangents daydreaming adventures that only stay in her head. For the past three years, Hannah has wandered freely in the realm of print, typography, and illustration. Captivating the world and making voices heard in light of all she has explored is one of the things that excites her from here on.


Get in touch: hannahhc03@gmail.com

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