In future, it is likely that everything will be connected to the internet. Our houses will be able to be automated and controlled remotely; artificial intelligence will improve efficiency and safety. Well-designed user interfaces and experiences will have a significant impact on the success of these developments. This project is an exploration into how a smart home may be used by a family with the help of Alfie, an artificially intelligent butler. Alfie demystifies the smart home, making it accessible, secure, and trustworthy. Parents can painlessly ensure the safety of their home and children. Appliances can be used conveniently and effectively. The design is intended to be fun and easy to integrate into everyday life, presenting a glimpse into a future that may be nearer than we think.


Spirited and enthusiastic, Dayna approaches anything and everything with a can-do attitude. Through studying UX/UI design she has found herself wanting to improve the experiences of others, whether that be through digital interfaces or not. Dayna always strives to excel at what she does and loves focussing on the details. When she's not working on uni projects, she enjoys doodling typography, road tripping, going on adventures with friends and family and taking numerous Snapchats of her pets.


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