Communication Arts

Communication Arts sits on the threshold of art and design, commercial and fine arts. It has been said that the role of art is to create problems, and the role of design is to fix them, but where does this leave the Communication artist? It is expected that he/she will traverse these worlds, identify their differences and even bring them to a happy unison. We, the students of Communication Arts 2017, cannot however be pinned down to a single ethos or drive; our work reflects the various ways that we have taken from the one discipline to motivate another, rejected these distinctions, or, indeed, found their hallowed intersection. We have found freedom and inspiration in these seemingly contradictory parameters as well as obstacles to strengthen our work. We have responded to the need for Communication Artists to avoid producing strictly mercenary works, bringing socio-political objectives in our pieces and engaging with arts imagery and theory. We antagonise while pretending to fix things. Lessons learned through design thinking and ethnographic research are meshed into our artworks so that aesthetics and purpose are one in the same. We create accessible enter points for new discussions and field of inquiry. We disarm and we inform. 


Anna Beverley

Hope McConnell

Cameron Roby-Mais

Jessica Kate Tweed

Ellie Crowe


Hattie Sadler

Jono Cole


Katie Hobbs


Kauri Finlay

Libby Carpenter

Maoen Xu

Terrie Shum

Yue Qi


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