‘Indecision in Design’ attempts to visualise indecision through creative experiments, within the context of graphic design. It explores what indecision looks like visualised, both through creative outputs and through daily life and routine. This collection of explorations helps to demonstrate how these ways of thinking lend themselves onto the creation of content in more logical and understandable forms. The intention behind this is to inform and showcase the ideas and visuals that can be produced when you stop over thinking and embrace inconsistencies and imperfection.

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Claudia Henty is a newly emerging graphic designer from Auckland, New Zealand. Claudia is set to graduate with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Communication Design and a minor in Sustainability. She is a self-proclaimed perfectionist with a keen eye for grids and systems. Publication design, content creation and branding are her strengths and she always executes these in a unique and methodical way. Her design process follows an iterative approach, to produce both conceptual and well executed designs. Outside of design she is an avid music lover; you are likely to find her attending all the local gigs around Auckland.


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