FKM - Floral Kids Movement

My project is called FKM - Floral Kids Movement and it's about changing the visual language of medical cannabis by informing people with an open tone (I mean this in a non judgemental, non aggressive neutral way). Project name is a reference to Tyler the Creator's album Flower Boy. Also floral/ flower is a reference towards cannabis. Kids is me and you. And movement was just so I could have the FKM initials. This project will be in the digital form of a motion graphic animation along with some stickers.


Cj is a pretty average designer. He is about to graduate this December if he passes all his papers, which I’m sure he did, so fingers crossed. Cj studies a Bachelor of Design at AUT. Being an okay designer doesn’t stop him from striving. He’s a pretty cool guy, he’s great to work with and does superb coffee runs. He claims to specialise in UX/ UI but does he really? His animations are pretty cool though. His current ultimate goal in life is to get rich so he can fly out his parents anywhere in the world.


Get in touch: cjquitazol@gmail.com