Camping. A simple concept, most would think. Go out into the wild and survive. However, the joys and benefits of camping are unknown to many. Humans have slowly but surely become disconnected with nature. Because
of the towns and cities we have built, we feel comfortable and content in our man made paradise. There isn’t a direct appreciation for the environment because most don’t have a mindful interaction with it in their daily life. When
camping, we begin to grow this respect for nature and understand how important our fragile environment is. More interaction with nature and the outdoors will ensure a greater understanding, to help maintain and grow a more sustainable environment for future generations.

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Cameron Roby-Mais a creative mainly working with photography, cinematography and graphic design. Idea generation and problem solving through design is his passion. He believes simplifying seemingly complex information into a clean and easily understood output is the key to great design. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Cameron moved to New Zealand at age 4, and since
has developed a love for experiencing the diversity of the world.


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