In Memory of Print

Printer, lithographer, mechanic. Noel Lester Adams was all of these. To me though, he was just grandad. This publication is created in honour of his career and the love we both have for printing.

The shape of this publication is inspired by the work he did with vinyl record covers. However the illustrations take influence from the vast range of printing he worked on during his career.

He specialised in cigarette packaging and also printed packaging from other companies such as Whittaker’s, Pall Mall, Rothmans, Bell Tea and TipTop.

The caricature of Noel is how many remember him before he passed away on the 23rd July 2016. In loving memory of Noel Adams and his devotion and love for the print industry.


Bridgette is a graphic design student graduating at the end of 2017. She creates representations of current issues in visual ways to communicate without a cultural language. She provides an enthused attitude to gain knowledge and experience. Bridgette sustains an organic and original approach to design incorporating practicality, creativity and embracing the brief in alternating perspectives.


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