Branding is not: a logo, a name, a colour or an icon. Branding is: people communication, strategy, system, design tone of voice, experience, clever thinking, flexibility, loyalty, collaboration, listening, positioning, quality and identity. It’s about understanding people’s emotions and behaviour and designing ways to create meaningful experiences for them. This connects people with brands and even with each other. In the branding pathway, our learning focuses on visual identity, strategy, storytelling, designing systems and design thinking; using both traditional and digital media platforms. All briefs derive from real world companies and problems. Specifically, we have learnt about branding in relation to iconic brands, personal branding and the NGO sector. We bring a systematic and strategic design perspective to the work we create. 


Casey Yeoh

JuHae Park

Georgia Skiffington

Kate Morrison

Jess Sloman

Madison Ford

Jessica Lim

Maria Bailey

Melissa Silkstone

Monique Spurle

Nicole Rajwer

Vivian Heng


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