Fierce Format

Artists never quit. Fearlessly and patiently they explore new paths. Fierce Format is the new generation of creative minds, celebrating up-and-coming New Zealanders through art, fashion and design.

Creativity is more important than ever. Artists embody patience, optimism, and hope so necessary for success. Designers and art directors are constantly changing, with the past seen as a source of new ideas.

In this issue, we look at Homage — A celebration of time, shifts of perspective as the discarded and unused are given a new lease of life; Palette — a poetic look at the Earth’s surface, a response to a unique beauty that is forgotten; And a sheep enthusiast, a toast lover, a curious soul, a knitter; the Knitter.


Becca is 22 years old and passionate about Graphic Design. After studying in Wellington and Auckland, she has developed a love for editorial design. Becca has been involved in the fashion industry for the last 5 years, which is often reflected in her style of work. She hopes to incorporate both fashion and design in her future career.


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