Ashleigh Kooyman




Mess is an app which gives you a new prompt every day in the hope that completing it will make you happy. The aim of Mess is to bring a little extra joy into people’s lives in an attempt to build mental health awareness. I have designed a mobile app and a Google Chrome browser extension so that you have the option to use one, or both, depending on which device you prefer. Each prompt also makes a great postcard, so even if digital isn’t your thing, you can still share the delight.


Ashleigh is a Kiwi designer who specialises in user experience. She is a caring team player, and likes to stay organised. She uses a minimalistic style and prioritises clarity and usability. With her compassionate attitude and eye for detail, she'll get the job done. Outside of her work, Ashleigh loves taking photos, exploring our beautiful country, and patting all the cats.



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