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I wanted my final project to be something that I could continue to develop beyond AUT. I had noticed that there wasn’t a lot of accessible media surrounding New Zealand equestrian sports. The market is flooded with European and American riders, however to seek sources of inspiration close to home wasn’t so easy. That’s where the idea for The Equine Magazine came about, an online magazine where young equestrian athletes in New Zealand can go to find information and inspiration.

I have created a series of short documentaries that share an insight into the dedication and passion it takes to reach the highest levels in equestrian sports. It features some of New Zealand’s most successful riders and also shines the spotlight on young up-and-comers in the sport.


Anna Beverley is a film maker, photographer and graphic designer completing her Bachelor of Communication Design at AUT. Anna has been riding horses since she was six years old and now competes at a national level with aspirations to make it to the top of the sport. It’s her passion for the sport that led her to create The Equine Magazine. The commitment and work ethic she has learned from working with horses translates into her creative work. With a love for telling honest stories, she challenges herself to hone her skills as a film maker. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Anna has an eye for detail and always ensures she completes the job to the highest standard possible.


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