Advertising is not for the faint hearted. It is an inclusive course giving you a taste from all design areas. We focus on the fundamentals of advertising techniques and execution: idea generation, branding, graphic design, art direction and copywriting. This provides us with the knowledge and skills to create well thought out brand campaigns. We have learnt to generate ideas efficiently and think big because, creativity is key when creating a successful campaign. We have a strong sense of digital media and have the ability to execute ideas across different mediums. Advertising is a dynamic industry and we were given opportunities to work with advertising agencies as well as other clients. The pathway is full of twists and turns; you’ll certainly never be bored. 


Aimee McMaster

Joshua Manuatu

James MacKinnon

Kate Buchan

Jeeah Kim

Mohini Manu

Jerry Wang

Monique Cutten

Rachel Dodds


Samai Azeez

Scarlett James

Shannon Casey

Shevonee Nadia Muthiah

Tayla Wright

Victoria Chen


All          Advertising          Branding          Communication Arts          Graphic Design         UX/UI